Set 1

SongLast PlayedGap
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, 2019-12-2958 show gap
My Soul, 2021-10-1727 show gap
Rift, 2022-02-2712 show gap
Horn, 2021-10-1926 show gap
Wombat, 2021-10-3018 show gap
Evolve, 2022-02-2415 show gap
Guyute, 2021-10-3018 show gap
Limb By Limb, 2021-08-0645 show gap
Mercury, 2021-12-3116 show gap
The Moma Dance 2022-05-286 show gap

Set 2

SongLast PlayedGap
Sand, 2022-05-277 show gap
Sigma Oasis -> 2022-05-286 show gap
Sand, 2022-05-27
Twenty Years Later > 2021-10-2820 show gap
The Mango Song, 2022-04-2110 show gap
Rise/Come Together, 2021-10-2323 show gap
Free 2022-05-286 show gap


SongLast PlayedGap
Grind, 2021-10-2820 show gap
Slave to the Traffic Light 2022-05-314 show gap
Average song gap: 18.72
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